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Canadians need to take the time and write more reviews, WE DON’T DO IT ENOUGH". Especially Home Contractors, we should do it. I had to learn all about roofs and shingles. Google reviews possibly would have eliminated that for me in this instance. This is your roof probably as important as your foundation. Do research and be informed about your investment. I had quotes that were all over the price spectrum. I chose Roofhouse because they were cost effective in the end and agreed to everything that was required in my opinion to do the roof properly. They even offered different shingles if I wanted, some at no charge and some at an up-charge. I figured that was due to what suppliers they were set up with. At the end of the shingle type negotiations, 2 adhesive strips appealed to me so I went with the new improved BP fiber mesh shingle. To be honest materials are not the main cost on a roof, it is the labour to do it. All companies would have used the same man hours, so it is really baffling to me why such a difference. Some included free plywood sheet replacement if needed? I was amazed that a company can replace the sheets not knowing how many sheets would be needed. (They must have special powers to know what is under the shingles.) But with their price difference, I could have bought 25 sheets installed, pretty much my entire roof, so you know that was a hose job. Others said up to 3 sheets, and some just a charge, that’s good for me because I knew I had some bad sheets, and again Jeff had no problem and even beat the extra installed sheet if needed cost without me asking him to. Everything I asked he said he was doing.  Jeff answered yes without hesitation, because he knew the cost is not in the material so keep the customer happy. The labour is the cost and most Down Easters’ I know are hard workers. But one big thing I was really happy with on his quote is he has the best workmanship warrantee out of all of my quotes. That says tons on what he thinks of their workmanship and goes miles in my books.
The crew was professional and cleaned up at the end of every day. This was important because I have a dog. He took pictures during installation to show you they installed what I asked for, and let me know and see the workmanship and quality. At the end of the job, Jeff did not come to me with all the excuses on how he had trouble with this and that, wanting more funds to cover it. You know how some contractors cry on your shoulder Boohoohoo and make you feel sorry for them or hold you hostage, I hate that, it’s bad business practice and a lot of contractors use it. Jeff was genuine and did none of that. If they had a problem you did not hear a thing about it. If you had a problem he tried to help you solve it. It may cost at that time but he was willing to work with you whatever decision you made. His crew really tries to work with the customer and I would use Roofinghouse again and recommend them to my Mother. Yes I said my Mother.
It is hard to find an honest contractor that you can trust, and in my opinion, you can trust Roofhouse and Jeff when they say they will do a job. He stood up to everything I asked for and did it with no questions asked.  Thank-you. 

​      - Mark K - Kitchener
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